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I am the corpus callosum.

The corpus callosum is the part of the brain that communicates between the left and right hemispheres -- the link between the creative and the structured. The connection that enables powerful storytelling by turning big ideas into manageable action steps and completing them on time and on budget. 

That's me.

I believe in the power of the team, organized creativity, and being all in, in everything that I do.

I thrive when facilitating the success of the creative team by managing the minutia of spreadsheets and calendars, while communicating clearly with my clients to keep everyone informed and on track.


My passion is creating an environment that enables a team of creative experts to excel at their specialties, while my clients are benefited with the relaxation that comes with knowing the job is being done right.


And when I'm not on the job, you might find me singing my heart out at karaoke with a glass of bourbon or a local brew in hand, or traveling the globe in search of new adventures.

Oh, you're still here?
Ok, here are 5 random things about me:



As a Production Coordinator on a shoestring budget indie film, I was once told at 8pm that shoot days had changed and we needed extras for a scene at 9am the next day. 8 extras. To play volleyball... naked. For practically no extra cost.

By 11pm, I booked us 10 naked volleyball-playing extras for the next morning without going over budget. 


Places I have lived besides my current hometown of Portland, Oregon:





Beloit, Wisconsin (I know)


I have an orange tabby cat who is RIDICULOUSLY cute... and a total rascal. Now he has a sister who is equally cute - and he's teaching her to be a rascal too! 

Good Mornin Mama.png
Peak Saturday Morning Relaxation.png
WFH Flanked By Cats.jpeg


Sometimes, while being a Producer or PM, I double as an extra. Occasionally, that looks like this:

Oregon Lottery Kayaking.png



I am an adventurer and a seeker who also loves nesting and being at home. A bit of a paradox that always keeps my life interesting.

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